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How to get the most bang for your buck

Finding the sweet spot is all about getting the best bang for your buck at a price point you are comfortable with.

It’s true. Spending a few more pounds can (almost always) dramatically improve the quality of wine in the bottle.

How come?

At lower price points a larger percentage of the cost goes on duty, the glass bottle and the closure – not the wine. But at higher price points, spending a few pounds more actually goes into the liquid in the bottle – exponentially increasing the quality of the wine you’re buying.

But be wary as this is only true to a point. For wines that are hundreds or even thousands of pounds, alot of your money is going into paying for a particular brand or label rather than into the wine itself.

Hence the sweet spot…don’t spend too little, don’t spend to much. Sticking to this rule simple rule is a good place to start when buying wine.

Where your money goes on a bottle of wine:

When you buy a £9.99 75cl bottle of wine, compared to a bottle priced at £4.99, the wine is worth over SIX times more!

Try it for yourself

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*VAT and Duty rates as 04.01.2017, based on wine at 12.5% ABV


  • colindalrymple

    Thank you for this – unfortunately these are directed specifically to markets other than Scotland. Is it not possible to indicate the pricing that applies in Scotland?

    • James

      Not hard to work out the mark up. Can’t imagine it being that much difference. You haven’t annexed yourself from the UK yet…

    • Daren Byng

      I’ll try to be polite here. That’s about the 4th most stupid thing I’ve read on the whole interweb today. Why can’t we vote to kick out the Scots? they’re trying for a second time soon; let’s just sack them and stop paying so much per person to keep them. Maybe Trump can help us build a wall if Hadrian isn’t available.

      • Humac

        Yes, it was an odd post. But your reply certainly rivals it in terms of stupidity, not to mention small-minded bigotry. Interesting article though. In Shanghai, where I live, a bottle that would cost £5 in the UK sells for around £15 or more so count yourselves lucky.

  • Erika Toni

    Thanks Holly, for making me realize the sweet spot. I have always been thinking if I am investing in the right bottle. Thinking on how more or less to spend on a single wine is difficult. And, it is definitely true that with expensive wines are worth spending in since you are somewhere also paying for the liquid in it. Going for a cheap one is a no no for me now. While searching online I came across an article which tells about the best wines available in the Napa Valley. The link is- Also, I read somewhere that all the inexpensive wines are not that bad and all expensive ones are not so great. Is it true?




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