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The Online Team’s Desert Island Six

Not to miss out on the action I went round the online team here and together we’ve created our own desert island six to kick off the first six bottle online sale… Oh the #joyof6

  1. I’ll start! Tried this Australian Shiraz other day, Peter Lehmann EVS, and thought it was a fine wine at first sight from the design of the label, and it tasted just as good. Part of the Australian offer at the moment too.
  2. Rich and Moji have gone for this Valpolicella. It was a classic favourite for Rich before he even joined Majestic! It’s full of fruit like an Amarone without the higher cost of an Amarone. Perfect.
  3. Becky always needs some bubbles, so she’s chosen the Lindauer Special reserve. Easy!
  4. Beth may be a little biased on this wine…. they treated her to a trip to Argentina a few months ago! It’s the Vinalba Torrontes. A fresh, floral, fruity alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.
  5. Ant has gone left field on his choice and chosen the Salice Salentino. This is a firm Majestic staff favourite as it is a very distinct wine. Good bottle age, ripe fruit, almost figgy and prune like. Good choice Ant.
  6. Mike and Graham have found a fresh alternative to chardonnay, it’s the Muga Rioja Blanco. Superb value and a great white to have outdoors with a BBQ.

That’s the six! But as there’s more than six of us in the team, here’s a bonus wine from our Director to perfect our case…

The Director’s Choice. Richard wants to add something a bit different to the mix. The Riesling ‘Les Princes Abbés’ 2009 Domaines Schlumberger is a very slightly off dry wine from a very good vintage. Sure thing, this is a top top wine.

That is a desirable case right there! What’s your desert island six bottles? Add in the comments below, tweet, or facebook me your #joyof6.

  • Jonathan Jackson is on the hunt for a great Rose to review. What are your Majestic favourites?

  • Chris Ashton

    Loving the choice of Salice Salentino Gordo. A true classic!!

    • Ant

      Ah you know it well! I actually bought some the other day and had it with Spag Bol which worked really well.

  • James Rackard

    Good idea…I always rate the recommendations from the Majestic staff – haven’t been disappointed yet!
    Here’s another suggestion. Why don’t you also show the prices and add a link to put these 6 bottles in your basket and check out in one step. That would be great for those in a hurry who trust the opinions of Majestic staff…

    • William James

      Thanks for the feedback James. Good idea, one click add to basket, I’ll look for a tech team solution!