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Unfashionable, but high quality

Reading Jamie Goode on white Bordeaux I was struck that he has reached the same conclusion as us on this unfairly neglected wine style; that there is some excellent quality and really interesting wine available for very modest prices in Bordeaux. On one buying trip we’d tasted far too many tannic reds during the day and decided to buy a bottle of aromatic white wine for the evening. The result was a (mild) epiphany and we now stock several excellent wines from the region.

My current favourite is G de Guiraud, a dry wine made by the famous Chateau Guiraud of Sauternes. It has a lovely leafy scent and an aromatic yet weighty quality on the palate which delivers far more complexity than a NZ Sauvignon Blanc at the same price.

  • Nick Comley

    Certainly a neglected style of white wine making but perhaps a reflection of the failure of French winemakers, even after the influx of New World winemakers to the region, to respond to changes in cuisine over the last twenty years relying simply on terroir and modern vinification to express the varietal characteristics! Where are the aperitif-style lighter whites to match the popularity of Pinot Grigio or the voluptuous waxy semillon based blends to challenge the supremacy of the ubiquitous Chardonnay?

  • Jeremy Palmer

    That’s a fair comment, although it might be the rise and rise of new world Sauvignon which is the biggest challenge for European winemakers at the moment.