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Wine Labels Close Up: Dom Pérignon

The Dom Pérignon brand was created by Moët et Chandon as their prestige cuvée – the best vintage Champagne they could produce.

Unlike many top Champagnes, Dom Pérignon is specifically designed to show the specific characteristics of the vintage in which it is made – which is only the best vintages.

Dom Pérignon was also the first Champagne created as a prestige cuvée – the best wine that could be produced. It set an unprecedented trend for other Champagne houses who followed suit in creating new labels for their best wines: Taittinger’s Comtes de Champagne, Perrier Jouet’s ‘La Belle Epoque’.

The prestige cuvées are usually noticeable by their unusual bottle shapes, grand label designs and unique names.

The shield and bottle shape of Dom Pérignon is synonymous with the brand and recognised the world over.

Bonus: Competition! Win a bottle of Dom Pérignon

It’s too hard to talk about Champagne and not give a bottle away. So here’s a chance to win a bottle of Dom Pérignon for yourself. To enter, answer the following question in the comments below…

If you made your own Champagne, what would you call your best vintage?

The best Champagne name chosen by me wins! Competition closes midnight Sunday 25th November 2012. Good luck.

Here are a few Champagne names and styles to inspire you…

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2004
Louis Roederer Cristal 2004
Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 2002
Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle La Cuvée

  • Richard Leader

    I think I’d call it “La Vie Parfaite”

  • Tony Kay

    Coupe de Grâce

  • Tania

    My Name would be La Cuvée Marquant

  • Martin Sowter

    l’année de joie inestimable (The year of inestimable delight)

  • Alastair Love

    Maison d’Amour Cuvée des Anges. Might have to be a limited edition for Valentine’s day…

  • Steve Morris

    Winterbourne Flint 2030 as champagne will be moving north with climate change.

  • Jenny Challenor

    nectar des anges

  • chrisphillipsagency

    monde de bouquet

  • Heather M

    Le Parrain Puissant 2012 (The Mighty Godfather)
    Lovely prize!

    • majesticwine

      Congratulations @856fd7e6b73f35c904e9cd33b2d39f5f:disqus , you’re the winner! Please respond to either of my comments to claim your prize. Cheers, Will.


    I would call it Beyond Fascination

  • Pauline Jollands

    Petillons Dore

  • KevinW.

    le amour cristal d’or

  • Linda Hobbis

    I’d call mine Retrospective Sparkle because whenever I drink champagne, I remember all the good times that have gone before.

  • Steve

    I would simply call it “Parfait”

  • Guillermo Carlos

    Le Meilleur de la Vigne

  • R Croal

    L’étoile pétillante

  • Ross

    Chateau Rosco 74

  • Guillermo Carlos

    La Belle Vie

  • Annette Edgar

    Madame Perignon 2012

  • Lucy

    Coup de foudre – because I would hope my Champagne would be that good.

  • Brita Bevis

    Her Majesty 2012 (after all, it’s been her year!)

  • heather playdon

    I’d call it The One. Enough said. No fancy gimmick or strapline required. It would be the one that didn’t get away.

  • Mark Horne

    MMV – Mark’s Magnificent Vines (or vintage for the special releases!)

  • Sarah Mansell


  • Carolyn Gardner

    Crystal Fountain 2012

  • Justine Owens

    Tres Bon Annee 2012 <3

  • M Berner

    Grape Expectations

  • Hollie Smyth

    The bourgeois pig

  • Caroline McCabe

    Annee de Olivia 2003

  • Nigel Hollingsworth

    Cathedral of Light 🙂

  • Richard Milner

    La Cuvee Ooh La La

  • Helen Jacob-Lloyd

    belle élégance (beautiful elegance)

  • Ray Kelly

    Champagne magnifique

  • Andrew

    Top of the pops

  • Matt Silver

    Grâce et faveur

  • Libby

    la déesse 2012

  • Harry Stickland

    bandant superieure (sexy superior)

  • Daniel H

    The Lady Di

  • tillyessex69

    – I was going to suggest just a picture of Marcel Marceau stuck in an invisible glass elevator, but…I hate Marcel Marceau, so it would have to be ‘Cantona’ for me. 1996 would have been a good year…..

  • Claire John

    bulles de luxe

  • Kate P

    Chaîne de Coeur

  • rafa


  • olddutch

    grand millesime

  • Liz Penn

    Femme dans sa perfection

  • Lisa

    Cremmant Delicieux

  • Mark Docherty


  • Jan Beal

    Le Millésime Meilleur

  • Jo Roberts

    Dazzling Stars

  • Lauren

    La-Grande Chanel Cuvée Vintage 2000

  • Nicola Hale

    Vive La Reine

  • Catherine Geogheghan-Breen

    I would call my own champagne “Dizzy MIss Fizzy” Mmmmmm….sounds delicious!

  • Liza Hammerton

    Le Sublime Salut

  • Jenny Clarke

    Monsieur le chat 2003

  • La vie amour 2012

    Champagne… favourite bubbles.

  • Neal Bebbington

    Monseigneur Beb’s sans pareil

  • Andrea Catlow

    Million Dollar Champagne 2012

  • Robert Delamere

    Dom Delamere

  • Lizlovesfizz

    Miz Lizzy’z Fizzy

  • Evelyn

    Royale Grande de Madame Eveline 2012

  • Chris

    Cuvee Eternelle

  • Hayley Egan


  • Cam Crossley

    Vis Platinée

  • eleanor

    Bright, Bold Beavan 2012

  • Kerrie McKay

    I would call it the Diamond Drizzle

  • Carolyn Cliff

    Cuvee Coco Channel – with style and fragrance

  • Carolyn Cliff

    cuvee Coco Chanel – perfection in style and fragrance

  • Marie Ingham

    Veronique 2007

  • Russ Scott

    Pop goes the weasle 2012…..

  • Jo Roberts

    Fancy Fizz

  • Annie Wicks

    Bollinger Grande Annie……has to be xx

  • John

    Le sagesse royale 2012

  • chris

    Casino Royale 2 007 La Grande Bond

  • roger


  • Nichola

    Plaisir Ultime

  • Gary O’Kelly

    La Cru Imbattable !

  • Elizabeth Middleton

    Dom Perignon London 2012, a perfect year!

  • Debbie Perrott

    Étoiles Grand, boire à la vie

  • Joe

    Fantastique Reserva Champagne

  • Dom

    DominiqueMarc 1986 Vintage

  • carow48

    Olympiques Fabuleux 2012

  • Hilary

    La Cascade des Diamants 2002

  • Ellie

    2012 – it’s a corker!

  • johninstalbans

    Cuvee Majestique!

  • Annie Wicks

    Bollinger Grand Annie…….obviously

  • Jolyon

    Father Ted 2012

  • Colin

    ‘Or Don Won!

  • Colin

    Alternatively; Bond Aage 2012

  • Mike Clapp

    The Clapp………must be a winner?!!

  • Jamie

    ‘Moreishly Magnificent Xanthic Incandescent Ichorous’ or ‘MMXII’ for short, the year of the vintage.

  • Alexa

    Marquise Exquise

  • Champagne L’Empereur

    Champagne L’Empereur

  • Kate Lloyd

    Cuvée Lloydy

  • Helena superior

    Helena superior

  • Trevor

    Perles des Anges
    as in Perles des Anges Millesime 2004

  • Angelina Foster

    I would call my best vintage the “Love Prestige Cuvée Label” 🙂

  • Hoil Lee

    “Don de Dieu”

  • Simon

    Cuvée “une fois que vous allez noir jamais revenir”

  • Jay

    La Cuvée Pringles

    • Jay

      Once you pop you can’t stop

  • Al Kay

    Château La Kay – Balthazar Stargazer 2012

  • LInda T.


  • John Seaman

    Cuvee Supreme

  • Winning Queen

    Tracy Grand Brut Cuvée 1972

  • Cameron Roucher

    Veritas. From In Vino Vertitas. In Wine there is Truth. A true expression of the Vintage and Vineyard.

  • Laura Davies

    Livin’ La Vida Loca – cos we do!

  • Nick

    Royal Head Honcho

  • Flo Foxes

    Vinum Titillum Mille 2012 … timeless 🙂

  • Amanda Bulgin


  • Stanislav Velikov

    Just De Lux!

  • Steve


  • Carol Morris

    Olympic Gold.

  • Steve

    I would name it Majestica

  • majesticwine

    Decision time… who has created the best vintage name of them all?

  • majesticwine

    And the winning name is…. ‘Le Parrain Puissant 2012’ (The Mighty Godfather)

    Congratulations @856fd7e6b73f35c904e9cd33b2d39f5f:disqus

    You won me over on the alliteration, good French and the belief it could be a real Champagne name. Please respond to this comment to claim your prize. Will