3 Quick Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day (don’t mention it)

Majestic Wine Gifts

“Better Late Than Never”

…are terrible words to live by – especially on Mother’s Day.

Are you late? Is your present late arriving? Did you book a table for lunch too late? Oh, have you missed the train home because you were late getting out of bed and the train actually left on time for once?

If you are one of those who lives by quotations, check out this one instead:

“Be Smart And Be Punctual”.

It’s a good’un.

Now – you are reading this for 3 quick gift ideas which’ll arrive on time.

1) Play It Safe
Generous without being lavish. Thoughtful without being brash.
Choose the Majestic Favourites Six Bottle Wine Gift Pack

2) Easy To Carry
Pop this fizzy package in your weekend bag for easy transport with maximum end effect.
It’s the Veuve Clicquot Vintage Single Bottle Champagne Gift Pack

3) Missed Call
You haven’t called home since Christmas. You are a bad person, but you now have tremendous taste in wine. Mother will be proud.
Select the superb Fine Wine Three Bottle Gift Pack

Know this: free next day delivery is by courier (order before midday) – the only catch is there’s no weekend delivery by couriers. Order to yourself and take in hand, or please Mother with an early gift sent ahead. Order by 12pm Thurs 27th March.

ps. remember to be smart and punctual on Sunday!

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