leek frittata via thekitchn.com

5 Different Ways To Eat Leeks + Leek Friendly Wine

leek frittata via thekitchn.com

Let’s be honest, Leeks aren’t on the top of your shopping list. This blog has the very real potential of changing that. Leeks are now in peak season and with St David’s Day around the corner it’s time to bump leeks up on the agenda. We’ve collated 5 of the best leek recipes from the foodie web for you to have a go at – plus they all have a special Majestic wine match. Bonus.

1) Classy Leek

The Kitchn – Lemon Frittata With Leeks And Goats Cheese
A classy frittata deserves a classy wine. This little French number fits the smooth, creamy and cheesey frittata profile perfectly – Chardonnay Saint Roch, Puy de Dome.

2) Soupy Leek

Jamie Oliver – Leek & Potato Soup
We’re big fans of soup during the colder months. This yum leek and potato soup with a glass of Picpoul de Pinet is a top lunchtime treat.

3) Cobbled Leek

British Leeks – Hearty Leek & Lamb cobbler
When there’s a gap to fill a cobbler does the trick. Have a good Pinot Noir like the Villa Maria Cellar Selection to match up with the delicous lamb.

4) Bacon Leek

BBC Good Food – Leeks With Bacon & Mushrooms
Strictly a side dish, we wouldn’t blame you for eating these bacon and mushroom leeks all on their own. The Italain Copertino Masseria Monaci makes for a delish partner in crime.

5) Soufflé Leek

About.com – Cheese and Leek Soufflé
There’s only one way to celebrate St David’s Day in style – that’s right, with a cheese and leek soufflé. Pair with a glass of fizz for extra panache – we recommend the Prosecco di Conegliano.

cc image via pinterest, source thekitchn.com

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