7 great things we’ve done to make it to 203 stores

In the pre-Christmas rush you may have caught a fleeting glimpse of us celebrating our 200th store opening in Petersfield.

A big milestone in our company history, the last few years have been some of the busiest, and with the most change. Here are 7 great things we’ve done to make it to 203 stores.


1) We reduced our minimum purchase to 6 bottles

We’ve always had a minimum purchase so we can pass on the best prices and free services to our customers. In the summer of 2012 we reduced our minimum purchase from 12 to 6 bottles across online and mobile to unify with the existing 6 bottle minimum in store.


2) We opened an amazing 32 new stores in the last 23 months

Since February 2012 we’ve opened 32 brand new stores across England, Scotland and Wales. We’ve also refurbished lots of existing stores in the new Majestic style, including new tasting counters and fine wine shelving.

3) We made a big splash with our TV debut

We made our TV debut with 2 adverts – Chardonnay and Tasting Counter. We all know that wine can be a bit baffling and in the commercials we see how Majestic helps some anxious first time customers. Chardonnay is not a word to be afraid of, and the tasting counter is there for you to find your new favourite.

4) We launched a bigger and better online shop

We built a brand new majestic.co.uk – new features included: browse the website based on what’s in your local store, product recommendations made by us and not a computer, pay with PayPal, click and collect, and a brand new mobile site.


5) We continued to recruit the very best people to our team

We all start our Majestic careers working in a Majestic store, and thereafter all new jobs are recruited for internally. We look for people with a passion for retail and a flair for customer service who can learn about wine and share this with our customers.


6) We hosted a record number of people at our free taste & explore wine events

We launched our new wine events initiative ‘Taste & Explore’ welcoming a record 47,800 customers to our new in store events: The Wine Course, Wine Evenings and Spotlight Tastings.


7) We installed Fine Wine shelves in every store

Now you can buy Fine Wine in every store with a renewed and focused range. Plus the new local availability of Fine Wine is linked to the online shop giving a bigger choice than ever.

This year we’re planning on opening 16 more new stores too. Here’s to 2014! What do you think Majestic can do next? Tell us in the comments below.

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