A day at Nyetimber in Pulborough

There was a spare place on a Majestic staff trip to the Nyetimber vineyard on Tuesday, so I jumped on the southern line to Pulborough from a bright sunny London to join in.

Unfortunately the weather was the complete opposite down in West Sussex, but Nyetimber were more prepared handing out wellies to everyone. Here’s the group with wellies and brollies…

A quick tour around vineyard 4 we learnt a few technical bits and bobs about looking after the vines and what the best conditions are for the grapes to grow. Nyetimber have 8 vineyards in total; 6 in West Sussex and 2 in Hampshire.

The vines looking south. You could see the South Down if it wasn’t so dark.

The vineyard manager explaining leaf canopy management, how to scare birds away and frost busters.

It was definitely wellie weather.

Team Ealing outside Nyetimber manor which used to be owned by Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves.

Once back inside in the warmth we tasted through 7 different English sparkling wines made by Nyetimber.

After the tasting we were tested on our Nyetimber knowledge from the day with a little quiz. Here are a few things we learnt: all Nyetimber is made in the same method as Champagne and uses the same grape varieties too. The Queen chose Nyetimber as her sparkling wine at the Jubilee. They even borrow a neighbouring farmer’s sheep to mow the grass on the vineyards during winter!

As Nyetimber is not open to the public, it was a real treat to even be there and to taste through their wines. A big thank you to Joanne for hosting us and taking us out for a pub dinner at the local White Horse.

Read our customer reviews of the latest Nyetimber Classic Cuvée online or click and collect at your local Majestic Wine store.

5 thoughts on “A day at Nyetimber in Pulborough

  1. Interesting piece.

    Word in the region – mostly from restaurants I have talked to, well, two of them – is that Nyetimber is a bit full of itself. One wedding party ended up buying Nyetimber in the supermarkets because the winery sniffily told the venue that it had exceeded its quota.

    For friendly people and decent English sparkling at a reasonable price, think Ridgeview. No, I have nothing to do with them. I just drink both. Nyetimber was our original favourite, but, nice as it still is, it no longer has the edge.

    Nyetimber won itself no friends when it haughtily declared last year’s harvest a write off. The rest of the Sussex wineries – furious at a statement that could lose them business – had no problems. Smaller harvest, but still some nice grapes. You might want to visit them.

      1. Indeed. But you won’t get Nyetimber for £24 any more. (And pity about the attitude.)

        There are now some other interesting Sussex sparklers. Hindleap from Bluebell Vineyard is worth a try (less than £25) and has supplanted Nyetimber as the “by the glass” in at least one local fine restaurant.

        Court Garden is also worth sampling.

      2. Hey Michael,

        Actually, you can. £23.98, in fact. We have it on a 33% off promotion at time of writing, valid until 2nd December.

        We tasted it at a recent press show alongside an array of sparkling wines both English, French and otherwise, and it really stood out – rich, toasty and incredibly fresh.


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