A gentle start to the en primeur campaign

We are still waiting for an indication of when the big guns of Bordeaux will start releasing their 2009 clarets for sale. However, to get the ball rolling we’ve got the first few wines for sale now on the Lay & Wheeler website.

There are two high quality wines from Sauternes, and a number of reds from smaller properties which will give great pleasure. These early wines are probably not the sort of thing you’d buy for long aging, but will be great value if you take delivery of it as soon as it’s shipped to the UK in early 2012, then perhaps stick it under the stairs for a couple of years.

I tasted Chateau Chantalouette last week in London, having also tasted it recently in Bordeaux, and am a fan. It’s a lush, purple wine with lovely freshness. Why not kick-off your purchases with a case?

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