A Social Media Tour Around Australia: The 2014 Harvest

Down under, grape picking has begun for the 2014 harvest.

The Australian wineries are some of the most active on social media and they’re sharing their journey throughout the harvest with the hashtag #v14.

Here are some photos showing what goes on…

This is as fresh as it comes – free run juice straight from grape to glass… with a bit of pressing in-between at McHenry Hohnen.

McHenry Hohnen

This photo at Yalumba makes me want to drink their Shiraz…


Meanwhile at Peter Lehmann they’re having a noodle party… yup, noodles!

Peter Lehmann

Winemaking with a secret weapon at Kangarilla Road.

Kangarilla Road

The 2014 Pinot is being loaded up into the ferementer at the Grosset winery.


Picking in the dark at Wakefield!


Stomp stomp. Doing it the old fashioned way in Wirra Wirra.

Wirra Wirra

Long days and bad backs are the norm from working a harvest, not forgetting they’re a bundle of fun along the way!

Follow the Aussies journey with the #v14 hashtag.

Have you ever worked at a harvest or dreamt of owning a vineyard? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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