This makes me thirsty.

A Spirited Journey

As a bartender in a previous life and a cocktail enthusiast to this day, there were few people more excited than I when the news of a new range of spirits hit Majestic HQ.

There’s a very exciting trend in the UK for craft beers, now artisanal spirits are growing as we develop a taste for something a little more discerning. Provenance and craftsmanship matter; there’s only so many Vodkas filtered through charcoal, diamonds, sapphires and Madonna’s knickers that we can bear.

How about a vodka that doesn’t need twenty filtrations to taste smooth? A gin that really shouts about its botanicals? Some rare and boutique whiskies? Spiced rum that would knock the parrot off a pirate’s shoulder?

Here’s a quick introduction to a few of the new additions:

Broker’s Gin
A gin made in the true London Dry style. Broker’s has a core of juniper and nutmeg enlivened with sweet citrus fruit and bolstered with aromatic spice; award winning Gin for a very good reason. Great in a Martini, go heavy on the Vermouth – it can take it, and garnish with an olive. You’ll spot it when you see it – the brand with the hat.

This makes me thirsty.

St George Terroir Gin
Juniper has a fantastically piney aroma, and the St George takes this to the nth degree with Douglas Fir and Bay Leaf as core botanicals. Amazing, pungent, herbacious and dazzlingly fresh, it’s earthy and funky and quite possibly the most exciting Gin I’ve tried in a very long time.

st george terroir gin

Blackwoods Botanical Vodka
Lightly infused with hand-picked Shetland botanicals in a process known as ‘Bonification’. You can really taste the Sea Pink nestled amongst Angelica, Marsh Marigold and Meadow Sweet! Perfect base for a Dry Vodka Martini, with a mere whisper of vermouth.


Red Leg Spiced Rum
Those who miss the original Sailor Jerry rum will love this. Red Leg isn’t just a hermit crab, it was the nickname given to Scottish sailors whose peely-wally legs caught a wee bit too much sunshine. Jamaican vanilla, ginger and spice abound in this smooth and robust rum.


The One British Blended Whisky
While Blended Whisky is nothing new, The One is a unique blend of whiskies from across the British Isles, each bringing it’s own distinct characteristic. Like the regions it represents, each has a voice in the whole – Scottish, Welsh, English and Irish (in no particular order) each contribute to something greater than the sum of its parts. Earthy smoke, sweet dried citrus, candied stone fruits and a tickle of coffee spice.


Roger Groult Réserve Calvados
Think Granny Smith apples, crumble, toasted nuts and lemon peel. Then make me a crumble with all those and I’ll drink this while you do.


Tariquet VSOP Armagnac
Thanks to many family holidays in the Sud-Ouest, Armagnac holds a very special place in my glass – not least for the schoolboy humour surrounding the town that lies at the heart of Armagnac production. Dried fruits, prune and peach pith laced with ginger and candied orange peel. Let it warm in your hands to release all its ethereal vapours, breathe in, and sip. Pair this with dark chocolate & salted caramel.

Find out more about our exciting new spirits range here!

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