Another new French arrival for spring

BBQ meatWhilst our themed in-store tastings of new French wine continues, I thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase another new French offering introduced to the Majestic range this spring. This wine comes from the esteemed Paul Mas Estate; last April Grape to Glass caught up with winemaker Jean-Claude Mas, read the interview here.

Also, check out your local Majestic’s personalised store page and see what wines they have open on their tasting counter….

Paul Mas Estate ‘Gardemiel Vineyard’ Malbec 2009 IGP Pays d’Oc
Buy 2 bottles save £5 = £6.49*

GRAPE: Malbec, Cabernet Franc

ORIGIN: From a single vineyard plot located 200km from Malbec’s birthplace in Cahors, this modern Malbec echoes both the Old World rusticity of Cahors, and the inky fruitiness found in the Malbecs of Argentina and the rest of the New World.

TASTE: This Malbec keeps its bright, ripe plum and blackberry fruit at the centre of the frame, with the edges softened by restrained use of new oak, and subtle herbaceous notes from the blend’s 10% Cab Franc.

ENJOY: Drink at cool room temperature along with pasta, barbecued meats, or a selection of strong cheeses and gamey terrines.

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*Price valid until 02/05/2011

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