BBQ Beauties!

SvenIt may only be Monday, but Majestic Fleet Manager Sven has got me thinking of who to get together for a BBQ this weekend. Here are his wines of choice:

Having a BBQ this Summer?
Well so are we! Here are our top choices for wine to go with everything from simple salads to belting burgers:

Fairleigh Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Marlborough  Fairleigh Estate Sauvignon Blanc

From New Zealand, this fantastically priced Sauvignon is light, fresh and has a lovely citrus taste on the tongue. Ok, it may get a bit lost with all the meaty dishes, but try it with a fresh salad and it will work beautifully.

Yali Cabernet/Carmenere

A brilliant Chilean wine, the Cabernet brings in loads of red berry flavours and the Carmenere adds a little bit of spiciness to the whole affair. Will handle anything from ribs to chicken wings.

Extra de Codorníu Brut NV  Château Saint Roch-les-Vignes

A dry rose with crisp, light red berry fruit and a hint of soft spices. Try some and you’ll dream of being in Provence, sipping this superb wine on a sunny balcony.

Extra de Codorníu Brut NV

If like me you think any occasion can be made better with a bit of bubbly then this is the one for you – displaying typical Cava characteristics of green apple, citrus and brioche. Pop open a bottle in appreciation of the glorious weather.

If none of these take your fancy why not come down and speak to us and we can recommend something to your liking!

Live near Fleet? Find Sven and the team on twitter @majesticflt and see their store webpage here.
Live anywhere other than Fleet? Find your local Majestic here.

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