Bordeaux 2007 wish list

Very quickly (it’s nearly the weekend after all), I’ve just posted our Bordeaux 2007 “wish list”. Basically, its the list of wines we liked the most from our tastings, and our en primeur offer will be drawn from this list.

I draw your attention to the important caveat that we will only actually buy those wines where we consider the price to be right. We’re confident the wines on the list will offer great pleasure for Bordeaux drinkers, with the added advantage that they’ll need considerably less time in the cellar than the more structured ’05s and ’06s, but being realistic it’s almost certainly a much longer list than we will eventually offer.

Note also, there’s some dry whites on the list! The wines are fantastic (Jancis Robinson has rave reviews, although you’ll need a subscription), but it’s something of a departure for us, so your feedback on likely demand here would be gratefully received. Comment here or email

We’ll be posting a detailed vintage report on Monday, so watch this space!

4 thoughts on “Bordeaux 2007 wish list

  1. One of the themes that recurs in this blog is that those properties with good terroir and sufficient resources to “treat” the vineyards (I do like that “pink harvesting” phrase) have done better than those without – is this likely to extend to second wines of good producers (e.g. Croix de Beaucaillou or Pagodes des Cos), and could these be a better bet than the first wines of some of the less “blessed” producers?

  2. Having the expertise and the resources to throw at your already excellent terroir obviously does stand the top chateau in good stead when it comes to second wines as well as first.

    It is difficult to tell just how great an effect “pink harvesting” (there’s that phrase again, Ian!) and other labour-intensive vineyard management will have on the second wines, but on the strength of the noticeable family resemblance often apparent when tasting wines from the same stable (notably from Ducru, Cos and Latour for example), the second wines often seemed to have reaped similar benefits.

    As Richard commented in earlier posts however, choice of picking date – a factor dependent more on nerve than on resources – has also played a vital role in 2007 and many of the ‘lesser’ properties have produced wines capable of a proper scrap with the second-wines from the leading chateaux.

    Our team’s overall comments and scores will be posted on the site soon; watch this space.

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