Bordeaux 2008: first wines available

Hot on the heels of last week’s tastings, the 2008 Bordeaux en primeur campaign has immediately sprung into life with the release of four top right-bank wines. This bodes well for a short and active campaign rather than last year’s drawn out affair.

As I write, we have not yet finished our full vintage report, which we will make available by Tuesday lunchtime. We are keeping a careful eye on pricing, and as ever we will only buy those wines we are confident in recommending as good value en primeur.

En Primeur wines are priced for in-bond delivery and do not include duty, VAT and handling.

Château Hosanna 2008 Pomerol 6 x 75cl – £315

Château Angélus 2008 St-Emilion, 1er Grand Cru Classé 6 x 75cl – £360

Château Certan de May 2008 Pomerol 12 x 75cl – £575

Château La Fleur Pétrus 2008 Pomerol 12 x 75cl – £575

2 thoughts on “Bordeaux 2008: first wines available

  1. Richard,

    Until August last year I was the assistant manager at Derby, I think I spoke to you last year about the Palmer wines and you were cautious in your reply. Do you think that they are likely to be well priced or would it be worth investing in a 6 pack of the angelus which has caught my attention this morning. I’m not bothered in investing to make money, I do intend to drink them at some point and am happy to lay them down to get maximum pleasure from them.

    Also, I love white burgundy, especially the puligny- montrachet’s, are there any that Majestic have at the moment that are head and shoulders above the rest?

    1. Matthew, I really can’t say what’s going to happen on price – it’s too early in the campaign. As you will have read, I rate the wines well above last year, and they should be cheaper, so for drinking wines I think this is a good year to buy en primeur. I don’t imagine Angelus will be the only wine to release at pre-2005 levels, put it that way, so hang fire…

      As far as Puligny is concerned, it depends on your style. If you like quite rich Puligny, J.L. Chavy’s 1er Cru Folatières is great – the 2005s have a slightly tropical style which is lovely but perhaps not typical. If you can stretch to £40 the Martelet de Cherisey Hameau de Blagny is stunning; I think the 2006 white Burgundies are lovely and although this wine is showing its oak now in a few years time it will be sublime.

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