Bordeaux from space

I’m sorry to re-hash something from a year ago but I still think our Google Earth file of leading Bordeaux châteaux is great fun (not to mention a good navigation aid for the directionally challenged Majestic tasting team).

Unfortunately, Google’s controversial Street View service hasn’t been extended to Bordeaux yet. Surely people would rather experience a virtual drive past Cos, Latour, Margaux et al than look at their own homes in the suburbs?

However, from memory some of the satellite images were quite low resolution last year (Pomerol especially, I recall). It seems the satellites have been back over – the new winery at Cos is there, for example, and everything I’ve looked at this year is crystal clear so you can enjoy everything in glorious definition.


As well as playing around here, you can get a bit more from this map in two ways:

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