Bottle Shock – coming soon

Following the success of Sideways, not to mention the more specialist delights of Mondovino, comes yet another Hollywood view over the wine industry. Bottle Shock is a movie that recounts the story of the 1976 Judgement of Paris, when wines from the then nascent Californian wine regions were pitted against the finest of Bordeaux and Burgundy in a blind tasting. I won’t spoil the plot by revealing the result…

Alan Rickman stars as Steven Spurrier, the now legendary wine merchant and critic, and the film follows the lives of Jim and Jo Barrett, owners of California’s Montelena winery. It’s done the rounds of the film festivals to some critical acclaim, including making the official selection at Sundance ’08.

The movie is released in the States tomorrow, with no word yet on a UK release, although you can view the trailer at the film’s official site.

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