Brilliant Burgundy

Trainee Manager Al at Majestic Edinburgh Leith Walk takes a moment to unravel the magic of Burgundy

For all its past fame and riches, Burgundy continues to remain simple, rustic and in stark contrast to the large elegant country estates that litter the Medoc. Burgundy is highly fragmented with the average holding a mere 15 acres. Many believe that this fragmented nature is a double edged sword. On the one hand these very small estates can be regarded as Burgundys’ Achilles heel, providing a huge amount of uncertainty and unpredictability even within one village. This ‘human factor’ simply cannot be predicted. On the flip side however, this fragmentation is what gives Burgundy its humble personality and character, but most importantly the ability to produce some of the most sought after white wines in the world.

The world renowned ‘Le Montrachet’ vineyard is spread across the ‘Mont Rachaz’, loosely translated as the ‘scabby hill’ into both the villages of Chassagne and Puligny, allowing both villages to take this highly regarded suffix as their own. The Puligny Montrachet vines are situated with an ideal exposure to the East, however, as this wine is from one of the 17 Premier Cru Vineyards it has superior location. In this case, Les Perrier vineyard is angled ever so slightly to the South, enabling the evening sun to bathe the vines, creating tougher skins and ultimately a more complex wine.

BurgundyThe 2008 vintage has been recognised as combining an intriguing combination of richness and fresh acidity due to this aforementioned late sunshine and cool breeze. This wine has a strong fresh minerality combined with a complex floral component due to its location in the heart of the village. It is starting to open up nicely and can be drunk immediately, however, it will richly reward cellar time with an increased subtlety and honeyed component coming from the oak. Will drink beautifully on its own or with seafood, light meats and soft cheese.

If you live in Edinburgh a Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru Les Perrieres might just be open to taste at the Edinburgh Leith Walk store on Friday the 5th of August…

If you live anywhere other than Edinburgh find your local store and see what they have open on our monthly Fine Wine Fridays!

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