Buyer’s Choice – Negroamaro Feudo Dei Tari, Puglia, Italy

Italy. Home of the Romans. Once called Oenotria – land of the vine. There are few countries in Europe that can lay claim to such a rich history of viticulture. Excepting Greece, the spread of the vine in Europe is their legacy.

Puglia has always been an agricultural hub of Italy. A fertile strip, it runs 210 miles from the spur to the heel of Italy’s boot. The Adriatic and Mediterranean provide cooling winds to temper the heat. The name Puglia is from the Roman a-pluvia, meaning ‘a lack of rain’.


Negroamaro is a thick-skinned black grape variety. If you’ve enjoyed a Campari and Soda or an Aperol Spritz, you’ve met the Italian love of Amaro – bitters. It’s a tannic grape variety and capable of some quite rustic wines.

The Feudo Dei Tari co-operative have sourced grapes from several vineyards in Puglia. This way they have blended a style of wine to show its softer side.


Negroamaro Feudo Dei Tari, Puglia, Italy – Get it here

Taste: Black forest fruits and bramble, black cherry and wood spice. It’s a rich mouthful tempered with a classic Italian food-friendly freshness.

Enjoy It With: Puglia is an agricultural hub producing most of Italy’s pasta, fruit and vegetables. A tomato-based dish is a good start – including Pizza.

Know Thy Wine: The name Negroamaro has two potential roots. One is the simple Negro and Amaro – dark and bitter. The other is from Latin and Greek roots for its dark colour; nigra and mavro.

Our Buyer’s Choice will be open for you to taste in store for free this weekend. You can get it online here.

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