Buyer’s Choice: Villa Nueva Torrontés 2014, Argentina

This week we present to you a delicious aromatic Torrontés.  It’s a grape variety unique to Argentina. Our Buyer Holly truffled deep to find a great value example to introduce this aromatic and refreshing variety.

Villa Nueva Torrontes 2

The grape is likely a crossing of Uva Negra with Muscat of Alexandria. It was often planted among other varieties, so it was a while before it winemakers identified it.

Torrontés is interesting and unusual because the aromas suggest a sweet wine.  Despite this, it is almost always made as a dry wine.  It can display characteristics reminiscent of Gewürztraminer.  As such, it’s a good pairing with spicy and aromatic Asian cuisine.

Villa Nueva Torrontes 1

Villa Nueva Torrontes 2014, Argentina – Get it here

Taste: Bursting with lively lychee, peach, elderflower, light and fresh with enough body to make this a great little food wine.

Enjoy It With: Gently spiced Thai or Asian food. Also quite an unusual, but tasty, aperetif!

Know Thy Wine: Torrontés is sometimes described as ‘diet Gewurztraminer’ due to a similar aroma profile. It’s usually less full bodied and fresher in style though, and shares more in common with Muscat.

Our Buyer’s Choice will be open for you to taste in store for free this weekend. You can get it online here.

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