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Cheese IS Sexy + The World’s Smelliest Cheese

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Some people cannot buy their own cheese. Once opened, they have to devour the whole thing in one sitting. What is this power it has over some of us?

“Spoonfuls of chunky chutney, ragged spreads of quince, hunks of crusty bread, mountains of crumbling cheese.”

Now that does sound sexy! But is cheese sexy in a Valentine’s day kind of way?!

Fiona Beckett has her own list of the “World’s 5 Sexiest Cheeses” for Valentine’s night here.

I wouldn’t be too gung-ho on whipping out the cheese platter post romantic dinner. Cheese can be sexy in the this is no ordinary cheese M&S advert style, but perhaps it should be left in the fridge on Valentine’s rather than sweating on the side while you’re having dinner.


Unsurprisingly the world’s smelliest cheese does not appear on Fiona’s list…

“Vieux Boulogne, a soft cheese from northern France, beat 14 other whiffy varieties in tests.”

You can read the full news report posted on BBC news here.


ps. are you unpeeling the vacuum wrapper on any cheeses this Valentine’s day? We’ve got a great blog on British cheese and wine matching, “Matching wine with British cheese”.

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