Come & Explore: A Trainee’s Journey Continues

Who knew that learning about wine would also mean harking back to GSCE science? Climate, topography? Sounds like a Geography class!  Eve continues her adventure into wine with Majestic and wonders if she might have spent a little more time paying attention in Chemistry…


You learn something new every day so they say and each day this week I have been transported back to my GCSE science class, which in my opinion was hours of my teenage years wasted. Hours I could’ve been on MSN or sat in a cold park in rainy Wales drinking cheap bottles of cider that I didn’t even enjoy. At all. I was always one of the ‘Arty’ kids, into drama and literature, rather self-indulgent and I imagine a bit of a nightmare to anyone who tried to teach me anything factual or worth knowing. It’s fair to say the left hand side of my brain preferred to remain very much disengaged. Until now.

Christmas is over and the studying has begun. I can no longer play the novice card, it’s time for this to get serious. Instead of sipping a cheap Sauvignon at a bar with my friends after work I am sat gazing at a book full of science that I do not quite understand, wishing I hadn’t skived off that year 10 revision session on photosynthesis. Don’t get me wrong I am still sipping wine but now it’s Burgundy and it most definitely isn’t cheap but it’s all in the name of work, of course.

Complaining and jokes aside this science is actually rather interesting. The sheer amount of planning, research and graft that goes into the production of this magical liquid that we all sip after work or guzzle at the weekend, is mind blowing. There is something quite special about reading about it whilst drinking it, it almost makes you enjoy it more than you already do. There’s an appreciation that develops when you begin to understand the history of what you have swirling around your glass and sliding down your throat, giving you that warm fuzzy feeling you’ve sat at your desk yearning for all day. It isn’t just a bottle with a name on it anymore. It’s much more than that. Much, much more. It’s a story, years of history, a myriad of peoples’ hard work and yes it’s science, but somehow science made sexy. Yes, sexy science.

The book, granted, is long and full on with words that only Mr Phillips from Year 9 Chemistry would understand but it’s entirely worth it. Who knew how important and enjoyable science could be. I know, it’s news to me too. So I put my hands up, hang my head in shame and say:

“Barry Comprehensive Science Department, I am so sorry I doubted you. You were right, science is important. It is interesting. It does matter to my day to day life. You win Mr Phillips. Science rules!”

If this piques your curiosity, you can find out more from the WSET – Wine & Spirits Education Trust.

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