Competition: Glen Moray Whisky

Uisge beatha is the water of life.  They say that Angels sip upon the evaporation of whisky as it rests.

Many people say it is the water that makes a whisky. Some say it is the malted barley. Others that the still is the heart of a whisky’s character.


The truth lies somewhere in-between.

Glen Moray has been distilling on the banks of the River Lossie since 1897.  For seventy years before then, the distillery was a brewery.  Glen Moray is in the heart of Elgin, the historic capital of Speyside.


Resting in the Laich O’Moray, the distillery benefits from a milder climate.  The Cairngorm and Monadhliath Mountains shelter Elgin from the extremes. It is within a hollow below the water table, so the Angels sip their share more readily than elsewhere.


Once distilled, the whisky rests in ex-bourbon barrels from North America.  This adds rich and spicy characteristics to the whisky, while smoothing the fiery spirit.  The result is a well-rounded single malt, smooth, sweet-spiced, fruity and full.


Since the distillery opened, it has had only 5 distillery managers.

We have two bottles, signed by the master distiller of Glen Moray, to give away.  The bottles will be hand-filled, and the winner’s name will be upon them.

The bottle in question is a 2006 ex-Oloroso Sherry cask, 8yr old at 61.7% abv cask strength.  A rare treat indeed.

This competition is now closed.

You can discover the taste of Glen Moray for yourself – get it online here. Competition closes 14.59 Monday 10th August. By entering this competition you agree to the terms and conditions.

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