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Last week our email newsletter announced a new feature on our website, Customer Reviews. I’ve been a bit slow in blogging about this, but the advantage is that I now have plenty of examples to point to!

I’m going to hold up my hand and admit that we have very carefully considered this feature. Wine is a very subjective thing: a wine that might not be to one person’s taste may well be a well made example of a particular style that other people find delicious. Equally, someone’s favourite wine in the world may thoroughly disappoint someone whose tastes are different.

One of the strengths of Majestic is that we stock a much broader range of wine than most national retailers. It’s among the more eclectic and less mainstream styles that some of our very best wines are found, but they are bound to divide an opinion, and I’d hate to think that mixed reviews might deter someone from trying a wine they might love.

But on reflection, this all sounds a bit, well, snobby. If wine is such a subjective subject, shouldn’t debate be encouraged? And why should this be the domain of a handful of wine journalists and those of us in the trade. We know from talking to our customers they love to discover new and interesting wines; why not let them share their thoughts? So let the reviewing begin!

It’s really easy to do, just find the wine you want to tell the world about using our search box, click to the ‘More details’ page, and scroll down to the ‘Customer Reviews’ section. If you’re not logged in you’ll need to click ‘Login to write a review’, after which the  ‘Add your own review’ button is what you’re looking for. Your display name can be anything you choose – we won’t give out your real name or contact details.

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