Desert Island Sixes

Chris and Rich in Majestic Windsor let their imagination fly…

Imagine the scene, you are happily browsing around your local Majestic when, out of nowhere, some unknown horror sweeps you away to be stranded on a desert island. A horrifying and as yet unheard of scenario. In this hypothetical wine shop based disaster however, there is a silver lining, before you are whisked away you have just enough time to gather together a mixed half case. But what would you choose…?Desert-Island

It’s a question we have often pondered over here at Majestic Windsor. As a result here are our Desert Island Sixes.


  1. The wine I would choose for my first night would be the Zind Humbrecht Gewurz, it always puts a smile on my face with the lush tropical fruit and gingery spice.
  2. Once I’d set up my camp a nice Provence rose would be my next choice. The Chateau Pigoudet La Chapelle would be the perfect accompaniment to a tropical sunset.
  3. Given all my food would need to be cooked on an open fire, a big Aussie Shiraz seems an essential choice. The Two Hands Lilly’s Garden from the McLaren vale is my personal favourite. An unbelievable wine that is sure to improve any meal.
  4. To stop me feeling homesick my fourth wine would be a taste of home. The Chapel Down Pinot reserve 2004 is a Champagne rivalling fizz of the highest class.
  5. My fifth choice is selected purely because I love it. Capo Martino is a beautiful Italian white from the North East of Italy. Made using a blend of local varieties and aged in Slovenian oak. It is a delicate and subtle wine but with wonderfully complex flavours. Pure indulgence.
  6. Finally my rescue wine. I have never been one to hold with tradition and I believe the perfect wine for a celebration is your favourite wine. With that in mind I have picked the Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste 1998 from Bordeaux to celebrate my rescue. A classic left bank Bordeaux that is drinking perfectly at the moment.


  1. RichMy first choice would have to be something comforting and warming for my first lonely night on the Island, a nice speyside Whisky would do the trick. With The Balvenie Double Wood being a personal favourite.
  2. I would like to think that after a few days my mood would brighten, and I am also imagining this Island to be pretty hot, so a nicely chilled Sauvignon Blanc would hit the spot on a sunny island afternoon. A long time favourite The Jackson Estate ‘Stich’ Sauvignon would go particularly well with my freshly caught fish. (I also have excellent hypothetical survival skills)
  3. For the winning combo of taste and sentimental reasons my third choice would be the Valpolicella Classico Ripasso, from La Casetta di Ettore Righetti. A wine I remember from before I started working for Majestic. I would drive my Granddad to the Warrington branch for his monthly shop, and instead of petrol money he would buy me a case of this. With this wine I would sit, sip and think of home.
  4. After my sentimental evening with the Ripasso I will probably need cheering up, so my fourth choice would be my (so far) favourite fine red wine, the Allegrini Amarone. Big, robust, warming and ooozing complexity. I could enjoy this with a wild boar I caught a few nights ago.
  5. My favourite everyday white is another for an afternoon sunbathing in my handmade hammock, The Vasse Felix Chardonnay. This wine reminds me of my first summer working for Majestic, and when I began to realise how wonderfully diverse the Chardonnay grape can be.
  6. Finally for my eventual rescue it has to be Champagne. I will personally always hold a soft spot for Taittinger after spending a few days in their vineyards, and their vintage from 2004 is particularly yummy.

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