Don Papa Rum Competition

Where there is rum, there is revolution. Don Papa Rum is named for a true revolutionary, Papa Isio. He was once a foreman at a sugar plantation on the island of Negros, which is known locally as Sugarlandia. He went on to play a key role in the late 19th Century Philippine Revolution, where his spirit and leadership played a critical part in breaking Spanish rule over the island of Negros.


Don Papa is one of the exciting recent additions to our selection of craft spirits. Small batch, it comes from the isle of Negros Occidental in the Philippines. Unlike Jamaican or Bajan rums, which are Molasses-based, Don Papa is distilled from sugar cane in a similar way to Rhum Agricole, lending it a light and fruity aroma. It’s then aged for 7 years in oak barrels before blending and bottling.

Now, we rather like sipping Don Papa over ice, but it also makes a very fine Hemmingway Daiquiri (we tested this).  Almost all their recommended serves involve Calamansi juice, which we discovered is a cross between a Kumquat and a Lime.  Thus informed, we suggest that if you can’t find a Calamansi, a fresh lime will do the job.  Try this one:

Black Sand

50ml Don Papa Rum
30ml Pineapple Juice
15ml Calamansi Juice (Fresh lime if you can’t find Calamansi)

Shake with ice until the shaker sweats. Serve in a rocks glass. Add crushed coffee beans and green pepper for garnish.


We’ve teamed up with The Don to give away 3 incredibly awesome ice bucket and cocktail shaker sets, with a bottle of Don Papa Rum to get you started on your own cocktail revolution. Enjoy it neat, or mixed…

This competition is now CLOSED.  You can console yourself if you don’t win by staring at this web page here.

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