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Fresh out of Twickenham, meet Naked Ladies.  Last year, we ran our very first Oktoberfest – a tremendously exciting and splendid way for us to celebrate Real Ale and Craft Beer.  All our stores sourced local beers for our customers to try in store, then cast their vote on their favourites.  From those, we short-listed down to 8 favourites from the nation, and picked nearly 200 customers from all around the UK to join our elite Beer Tasting Team.

We sent these beer-loving beacons of brilliance a mixed case of all the top-voted beers.  A gloriously backbreaking task which we hadn’t really thought through at all – but after a few days of breaking down pallets of beer and filling 200-odd boxes by hand, we were ready, and off they went.

Eight beers we sent.

  • St Peter’s Golden Ale

  • Fuggle Dee-Dum, Goddards Brewery

  • Adnams Ghost Ship

  • Bath Ales Ginger Hare

  • Barbarian Bitter, The Parker Brewery

  • Hip Hop, Langham Brewery

  • Golden Fleece, Dent Brewery

  • Naked Ladies, Twickenham Fine Ales

Soon, the voting slips, laced with titillations, exclamations and the occasional beer-stain began to trickle back to us.  Keen beer-swilling tasters posted pictures to our Instagram feed, fermenting in their delight.  Barley any time had passed before they had split the wheat from the chaff, and we had a winner.


Twickenham Fine Ales Naked Ladies won the elite customer beer team vote, and will soon be available in all our stores nationwide and online at majestic.co.uk.

Twickenham Fine Ales is London’s oldest micro-brewery, and has been one of the pioneers driving a resurgence in London brewing.  They use hops from all around the world, and the purest of ingredients – it leads to a deliciously fine beer.  Funnily enough, Naked Ladies name is quite innocent.  The Naked Ladies are statues in York House Gardens in Twickenham.

And the beer? It’s glorious. Golden ale with hops from around the world – a bit of English, some Slovenian and a dash of American for a crisp citrus edge and a luxuriantly bitter finish.

Coming soon to a Majestic near you! Check out the beer range in your local store here. You can follow Twickenham Fine Ales on twitter @TwickenhamAles

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