Drinks for the Six Nations Rugby Weekend


richAs another weekend of frenetic six nations action looms ahead, I’m reminded of what I love so much about this time of year, and this competition. It’s not simply a celebration of Rugby, but of the friendly rivalry. To me the six nations is warming yourself up in a pub or living room on a chilly February weekend, grabbing a Scot, a Paddy and a Taff and letting the banter flow.

With this in mind it’s a perfect occasion to explore our recently re-invigorated range of local Ales and continental Lagers. Along with old favourites such as Sharp’s Doom Bar and Marstons Pedigree, at Majestic we pride ourselves on supporting local breweries so be sure to ask about this on your visit as you may unearth some hidden gems.

To please our European neighbours a cold glass of Peroni is surely the obvious choice for cheering on the Azzurri over Scotland. For any Francophiles we should throw a wine into the mix, those by former French international rugby player Gerard Bertrand should hit the spot. The Domaine de Villemajou 2009 Corbières would be my pick.

So here’s to great company, great banter and great beers.

Rich Witter
Online Customer Services

To fully discover the range of local beers our stores stock, give them a call or pay them a visit. You can find your closest store and their details here.

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