Eat out and save money: London BYOB restaurants

It’s the end of January and that attitude of being good, healthy and especially frugal has been going on for far too long.

Of course it’s good to have times of discipline, control and routine but you shouldn’t deprive yourself too much! Now is the time to catch up on some good times, go out for a meal with your friends and save money by taking your own wine to a BYOB restaurant. We’ve compiled our top 5 in London…

1) The Golden Hind, Marylebone
Excellent range of fish with mountains of chunky chips. There’s no corkage plus there’s seating downstairs for when it gets busy, which it almost always is. Mushy peas optional.

2) Hawksmoor, Sevendials
The original Hawksmoor, often touted as the best steak house in London. Corkage is £5 on Monday nights which just about makes it affordable. Have the porterhouse steak: fillet and sirloin in one.

3) Ariana II, Kilburn
A hidden gem. This family run Afghanistani restaurant serves up the most yummy and hearty food. A mix of currys and dips and flat breads, everything is shared around the table in a tapas style. Great fun.

4) The Breakfast Club, Soho
Street food meets cafe bistro, the Breakfast Club in soho is a BYO because of the steep stairs down to the restrooms. The burgers and burritos are epic and you’ll only leave at most £15 lighter. Great location for going out after with all the money you saved on BYO. Good move.

5) Rotisserie Jules, South Kensington
This rotisserie chicken takeout has tables too. Perfect for small groups; we had a pre-christmas get together here. The staff are really friendly and you’ll be more than satisfied with half a chicken per person and a mix of sides to share.

Find more BYOBs near you in London on the Majestic Foursquare List: London BYOBs 

Tell us about any BYOBs in your home town and we’ll create a list for the whole of the UK. Use the comments box below.
Do you have any tried and tested BYOBs we can add to our London list too?

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  1. This is very nice and good for health.I have review these days restaurants are adding digital menu for customer ordering.I have try nice one menu system in my restaurant through they have great ideas for future restaurants.

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