Come & Explore: A Trainee’s Journey

Many of our new team members arrive as new to wine as they are to us. Eve, a fresh Trainee Manager in our Twickenham shares her early experience of wine and life with Majestic!


Being a beginner in almost anything is a test of character but being a beginner in wine is truly a test of… well your liver, but also your patience, perseverance and most definitely pride. Not only do you have to learn bizarre names for things, parts of countries you never knew existed and can barely pronounce but you also have to totally retrain your eyes, nose, palate and attitude to being wrong about almost everything.

My career with Majestic began a mere three months ago and since then I’ve learnt that spitting in public is actually ok, in fact it’s probably a good idea; that you can never, ever drink too much; that wine actually has ‘characters’ much like people; and that I know absolutely nothing about anything, at all, ever. I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is not to be scared, not to be put out by being that person that really doesn’t have a clue and always says the wrong thing. Instead it’s important to feel lucky to be surrounded by a group of people who love what they do and who know so, so much that they want to share.

There really is a passion at Majestic, through its stores, echoed in its service and demonstrated by its staff – a passion about a product that truly is a minefield for those of us who don’t know where to start. The beauty is that there is a place to learn here, a place in which we (you and I alike) can engage with people who really know and love what they’re talking about and who, even if you don’t ask them too, cannot wait to fill you full of information and knowledge about wine.

So, my advice, from one novice to another, is to taste, to explore and to allow yourself to be inspired. You are never the only beginner, I’m one too!


If you’d like to learn more about wine, you can sign up in your local store for a FREE wine course, and there are tutored one-on-wine sessions where the in-store teams will help you find your perfect bottle too!

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