Filming wine videos in Clapham

I haven’t blogged much about our video content recently, so after a couple of days filming in Clapham I feel it’s time for an update.

6 Majestic store managers, Jamie and myself from Head Office filmed 60 new videos between us for our product pages which now totals to 150 wines with their own videos on our website. A few shots from the day…

An early start picking up the wines for the shoot from the old Art Deco cinema Majestic Clapham.

Richard from Majestic Sanderstead was the first to be filmed.

The 2 cameras. Canon 5D with sigma 50mm f1.4 and sigma 70-200 lens.

David from Majestic Surbiton at the end of the day.

Big thanks to the cameramen Mark, Ian and Tom from Popkorn, as well as the Majestic managers (Richard, Dion, David, Pedro, Lauren and Chris) for an intense couple of days of filming!
A few numbers from the shoot:

  • 2 cameras
  • 2 tripods
  • 2 microphones
  • 6 lights
  • 4×4 kino (tube lighting) 3200% kelvin
  • 1 reflector – solid silver
  • 1 flag
  • 24 bottles of wine
  • 24 riedel glasses
  • 1 portable tasting counter (thank you Majestic Battersea for delivery at short notice)!

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