Fish, Chips & Champagne

Late night Friday evening… Rebecca, Manager at Majestic Twickenham, sums up her decadent food and wine indulgence…

Fish and ChipsJacquart L'Oenothèque 2000 Champagne  Want a way to make your Friday night treat of fish and chips special? Why not open a bottle of Champagne to accompany it. Champagne you cry, why would I waste such a luxury with my fish and chips? Well give it a go and you’ll see what a wonderful combination this is. Especially a Champagne with a bit of age, such as the Jacquart L’Oenotheque 2000. The acidity of Champagne helps to cut through the grease, go light on the vinegar and you’ll see how the flavours work. If you want to splash out the Bollinger Grande Année 2000 is amazing. Last year, when my Boyfriend and I bought our first flat together, we sat on the floor together after a chaotic day of moving boxes and tucked into our new local chippie with one of these, just perfect!

If you’re having a BBQ (and I reckon most of the nation will be with wonderful weather like this) why not try some Lamb Koftas with one of our newest arrivals from Chile. The Calicanto is amazingly complex, smooth and has flavours of cassis, vanilla and toast. Tried and tested by Chloe, she said the combination was magic. Although a full bodied red isn’t your typical wine for a summers day, it works wonderfully with the koftas.

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