Food for thought

Exciting, isn’t it?

Interspersed among cold breezes and a little rain are the most glorious sunshine bursts. Bright one day, mild the next. Swinging pendulously, the weather isn’t the only indicator that summer is but a few months away.

The latest Majestic price change has come into effect and, like Spring’s ‘new-life’ mantra, discovery and acquaintance are the order of the day.

With a wand-like flourish, the landscape is once again filled with new colour and vibrancy in a collection of wines that is testament to a partnership that transcends normal sensory understanding. Wine & Food. Food & Wine. Pleasure.

Like so many involved in wine, my lifelong passion was ignited by a ‘eureka’ moment, dealt by a humble roast dinner and a discarded bottle of even humbler Bourgogne Rouge. A music undergraduate at Durham University, this introduction to the world of food and wine, though quite accidental, was to fuel an un-ending pursuit of vinous-gastronomic unity.

Spain, famed for its velvety, subtly-spiced, wood-perfumed reds, clean-cut whites and infamous solera sherries is a foodie’s dream.

Choice lamb cuts, gently seasoned and butter-fried, arroz stuffed paellas, Serrano jamon and salchichon; seafood, steamed, seasoned and served with simple lemon and salad garnishes or the simple toasted bocadillo de queso, in pleasant company and with the dedicated time to enjoy the ambience, can bring a little of the continent to the home kitchen, perhaps bringing the sunshine with it.

Amid global recession and economic nightmare, Argentina’s wines are unbelievable value for money. Quality, style and sustainable quantity mean that we’re treated to an array of wines that are offering right-now-this-second drinkability that are as appealing and food-friendly as the best of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Watch out for the ABC of Argentinean wines – Alamos, Ben Marco, Catena – jewels in an impressive crown.

Stuck for food and wine matching ideas? I know some Majestic staff who would be only too happy to help…

My Wine of the Week

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.D.V. Catena Merlot 2006 Mendoza£10.65 or £7.99 Buy any 2 Argentinean wines save 25%

This week, Nicholas Catena was voted Decanter Magazine’s Man of the Year and rightly so. The D.V. range is luxury, from a country who has had to fight hard to become officially recognised as a world leader in quality wines.

This merlot is as soft and luscious and you’ll find, with warm vanilla and rounded plum covered fruit. Decant for maximum aromatic enjoyment, and pair with meat. Any meat. At any time.

To use a sporting analogy, form is temporary, class is permanent. Both classy and in-form, this wine is epitome of pleasure in measure.

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