Golden Grape Awards: Mightiest Malbec

In preparation for celebrating Malbec World Day this coming Sunday 17 April we asked our staff to choose their favourite Malbec from Majestic’s range. As usual, after a week of open nominations we whittled this down to a shortlist of 5 wines which were then voted on by our staff to determine the overall winner of the Golden Grape Award.

The results are in and we are pleased to annouce the winner of our third Golden Grape Award…

Majestic's Mightiest Malbec

Benegas Malbec 2008, MendozaBenegas Malbec, Libertad Vineyards 2008 Mendoza, £17.99
Buy 2 bottles save £6 = £14.99

A deserved winner in a seriously close competition – just one vote in it!

“Wow! This is truly serious stuff. Leaping straight from the glass are clear and bright cassis aromas with a dusky, brambly, summer-fruit-pudding backdrop. The palate is velvety smooth and caresses with a sweet kick of blackberry and strawberry fruit, swiftly evolving into bottomless blackcurrant balanced by a savoury coffee note that lingers on and on and on. The tannins are integrated and so well masked by the almost viscous, fruity palate that you hardly notice them. While other Malbecs can batter your palate into a pleasurable submission, this simply hums and vibrates with intensity and power – perfect with a fresh, juicy char-grilled steak from the barbecue. Outstanding!”

Kevin Dacey, Assistant Manager, Berkhamsted

The competition was ridiculously close but we were not surprised as the runners up are all fantastic examples of Argentinian Malbec. So in a well deserved second place with 24.5% of the votes we have Catena Malbec 2008 (£11.99 or buy 2 bottles save £4 = £9.99 per bottle) also from Mendoza. This wine is currently storming ahead on the customer poll we’re running alongside our staff vote with 41.67% of the votes. The customer poll is still open and you can vote now to let us know your preference!

Fighting for 3rd and 4th place we have 2 of our Viñalba winesViñalba Gran Reserva Malbec 2008 Mendoza (£13.99) came a close 3rd with 22.6% of the Majestic store votes and Viñalba Malbec Reserva 2008/2009 Mendoza (£10.99 or buy 2 bottles save £6 = £7.99 per bottle) at 16% came 4th.

And let’s not forget about the Mendel Malbec 2008 Mendoza, (£17.99 or buy 2 bottles save £6 = £14.99 per bottle) this beauty had 11.3% of the staff vote and concludes our poll to find our ‘Mighty Malbec‘ in 5th position.

As mentioned earlier our customer poll is still open so you can cast your vote now! We’d love to hear from you as to what it is about your preferred Malbec you love so much. You can comment on our blog’s to let us know or simply log-in to the Majestic website and write your own review.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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