Golden Grapes…

Golden Grapes

In our latest poll to the Majestic Staff, we asked what their favourite yet sometimes overlooked Italian wine was. With such a diverse, eclectic and largely indigenous mix of Italian wines at Majestic, this was no runaway contest.

After a close first round, we shortlisted them down to the top five and opened up the voting for the second time to choose the ultimate top Italian Wine… Beyond Pinot Grigio.

Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2008 Ripasso La Casetta Righetti

The winner with 36% of the votes!

Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2008 Ripasso La Casetta di Ettore Righetti

An absolutely stunning wine made in a rather unique fashion. Valpolicella is the name of the wine region from which the Wine takes its name. The term ‘Ripasso’ is an indication to what makes this wine special. Ripasso wines have had a portion of the fermented, dried-skins from Amarone added to them. Valpolicella Ripasso therefore combines the power and class of the Amarone with the bright fruit of the classic Valpolicella.

“This wonderful wine is a middle way between the more complex Amarone and the much lighter Valpolicella. It is an explosion of ripe fruits as plum and maraschino cherry. A very intense and well rounded wine with an exceptional finish. The Veneto region is one of the leaders in Italy for quality. The Righetti family express completely, ‘la tradizione italiana del nord-est’, based on passion and dedication to their land. This wine is a perfect match for any red meat or seasoned Italian cheese.”

Federico Marta, Trainee Manager, Majestic Islington

Falanghina 2010 Terredora  Falanghina 2010 Terredora

A close runner up with 27%

“Whenever anyone comes into the store asking for ‘something different’ I always recommend this. Aromatic, dry and fresh, but with a richness that comes from 3 months lees aging, this is a great food wine. Try with seafood paella.”

Lauren Moseley, Manager, Majestic Market Harborough

I Satiri, Salice Salentino Riserva 2006 Candido  I Satiri, Salice Salentino Riserva 2006 Candido

Coming in third with 15%

“You’d struggle to find a more complex wine than this at £6.99! Bursting with black cherry fruit but showing incredible complexity and length for the price tag. Would pair brilliantly with Italian cheeses and dried meats.”

Mark Ellis, Manager, Majestic Reading

Sistina Pecorino 2010 Terre di Chieti

Sistina Pecorino 2010 Terre di Chieti

In a respectable fourth with 12%

“Sistina Pecorino uses 100% Pecorino grapes which are harvested by hand. A yellow straw colour in appearance, this wine has a fresh and expressive nose of fragrant floral aromas. On the palate it displays crisp citrus and stone fruits with notes of acacia, sage and tropical mango. The attractive balance of fruit gives way to refreshing mineral notes. This stunning Italian white is summer in a glass and would make an ideal aperitif for a sunny garden party.”

Annabel Rees, Trainee Manager, Majestic Guildford

Gavi di Gavi 2010 La Toledana

Gavi di Gavi 2010 La Toledana  A modest fifth with 10%

“Gavi is one of those wines with a bit of a Majestic cult following. Produced from the white grape Cortese in Piedmont, it takes its name from the town at the centre of its production, Gavi. Beautifully firm, ripe and steely, this wine’s character comes from the Cortese grapes which have been carefully picked late harvest. This makes the flavours richer and refreshingly intense.”

William James, Majestic Ecommerce

These are all great wines that can be sometimes overlooked. The Golden Grape Awards help highlight some of these unrecognised wines and puts them in the spotlight. Our staff love them and they want to pass that knowledge on to you. And you never know, you might just find your new favourite!

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