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It’s amazing how many people are on twitter and social media talking about wine, so this week I’ve asked a few our fans and wine bloggers for a mini bio about themselves and some tasting notes of our #makeautumnred mixed case.

Grape Gurus: Majestic social media fans and wine bloggers

About Paola
Nickname: On Twitter: @sipswooshspit
Work: Communications consultant
Favourite Wine: An earthy red Burgundy if I really had to choose, though I am currently having a crush on wines from Etna in Sicily, Friuli and Alto Adige in mainland Italy.
Wine memories: Having an Italian father meant that wine was always part of a good meal when I was growing up.

Make Autumn Red Mixed Case
Wine: Poliziano Chianti
Region: Chianti, Tuscany
Country: Italy
Vintage: 2010

Colour: A vibrant ruby red

Intensity: Quite subtle. Don’t expect to be hit between the eyes with big aromas.
Aromas: Red cherries and berries with a delicate floral note lingering in the background.

Body: This Chianti feels bigger than it looks because of some warming alcohol.
Tastes like: Juicy red cherries, crunchy plums but herbaceous too, making it feel more savoury than the nose suggests. This is not a casual sipping wine though. Its relatively high acidity (as you’d expect from this style of Chianti) means it was made to enjoy with food.
Length: Medium
Moreishness: With the right food, this wine can lift your spirits on the dampest of autumn days. It certainly did ours on a cool September evening.

Perfect food match? Perfect for slow-roasted belly or shoulder of pork, herby sausages, pizza, and tomato-based stews and pasta sauces. The acidity is there for a reason. It cuts through the fat and matches the acidity in tomatoes.
Film you’d drink this wine with? Big Night, a film about two Italian brothers in 1950s America trying to convince the locals that real food from Italy is not spaghetti and meatballs. This wine, to me, is what real, straightforward but well made Chianti should taste like.

Rating out of 10: 7 out of 10.

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