Cristina Forner, President of Marques de CaceresCristina Forner (President of Marqués de Cáceres), answers questions on their ethos, their passion, their wines and the unique viticultural region that made them.

Q. How would you describe the Marques de Caceres philosophy to producing wine, and how do you differ from other Rioja Bodegas?

A. Our philosophy originates from my family’s long professional experience in France, which has given us an international vision that Spain had yet to explore when we founded our winery back in 1970. Still today, we aim for customer satisfaction through honest and serious efforts that transform into pleasure once in a wineglass!

Q. Do you ever tire of drinking your own wines?

A. One never tires of appreciating what’s beautiful or good! Man and nature combine to produce wine and it’s a product in perpetual evolution. There are times when I rediscover our wines on tasting older vintages that are dotted around the world. It’s magical to see that these have travelled but that their origin, elegance and distinction still come through with pleasure on tasting.

Q. What is your favourite wine from Marques de Caceres and what food would you pair it with?

A. One is not enough! Our rosé is just perfect with Mediterranean cuisine, while the mineral vivacity of our 2009 white complements seafood and fish dishes. Our popular Crianza red is a treat with tapas when friends come round. I’d uncork a bottle of our 2004 Reserva with a large roast beef chop, but for Sunday dinner it has to be our Gran Reserva.

Q. Outside of Rioja, what is your favourite wine producing area?

A. Champagne. I love the party feeling and the fine bubbles that make its wines dance in the glass.

Rioja Blanco 2009, Marqués de CáceresRioja Blanco 2009, Marqués de Cáceres
7.99 or 5.99 when you buy 2 bottles*

Intense flavours of apples and pears with a light floral background. Freshness and vivacity shines through with an additional handful of lavish fruit.

Rioja Blanco, Barrel Fermented 2008, Marqués de CáceresRioja Blanco, Barrel Fermented 2008, Marqués de Cáceres
9.99 or 7.49 when you buy 2 bottles*

Soft citrus fruit mingles with a richer spicy toastiness and a buttery character. Marries well with seafood, tuna, sushi and even various types of cheese.

Rioja Crianza 2006, Marqués de CáceresRioja Crianza 2006, Marqués de Cáceres
10.99 10.65 or 7.99 when you buy 2 bottles*

Blackberry aromas accompanied by Mediterranean herbs on the nose, with luscious red cherry and strawberry fruits, cinnamon notes and a long, silky finish.

Rioja Reserva 2004, Marqués de CáceresRioja Reserva 2004, Marqués de Cáceres
15.99 or 11.99 when you buy 2 bottles*

Rich layers of spicy black berries and succulent red fruits with integrated tannins and fresh acidity. Enjoy with roast lamb, venison or game birds.

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*All prices valid until 1st November 2010 unless otherwise stated.

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