Pinotage, a crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsault, is grown almost exclusively in South Africa.  It can seem to be the Marmite of the wine world; you either love it or hate it.  It divides opinion, and yet there are some wonderful examples of this grape – herewith is the case for Pinotage, from the mouths of those who know it best!

Zalze Pinotage 2009, Western Cape
£6.99 £6.24 or £4.99* when you buy any 2 bottles of South African wine
Johan Joubert

“Pinotage is a fantastic grape and makes voluptuous juicy red wines with great structure when grown in the right places and handled correctly.  Our Zalze Pinotage is grown in perfect sites in Stellenbosch and Durbanville where the grapes achieve full ripeness giving it intense red fruit characteristics. The result is a perfectly rounded and balanced juicy red wine with mid-palate fullness, characteristic grip from the well-integrated tannins and great length.”

Johan Joubert, Winemaker

Barista Pinotage 2009, Western Cape
£7.99 £7.49 or £5.99* when you buy any 2 bottles of South African wine
Bertus Fourie

“People regard Pinot Noir as the “heartbreak grape”. I regard Pinotage as the heartbreak grape. If you treat the fruit in the vineyard with the energy it deserves, you do not need to worry too much about the consumer’s reaction to the wine – they will love the intensity of fruit, the almost sweet silky tannin profile, and the palate weight.  The Barista Coffee Pinotage with its luscious fruit, and very intense, inviting coffee nuances befriend many wine drinkers all over the world.”

Bertus Fourie, Winemaker

Beyerskloof Reserve Pinotage 2007/09, Western Cape
£9.99 or £7.99* when you buy any 2 bottles of South African wine

Beyers Truter“Pinotage is special for many reasons: its versatility, from sparkling rosé to full bodied reds ; it works great as a blending component, and its potential to age – ’68,’69 and ’72 are drinking well now. The grape can make classic, balanced wines with great fruit, and it’s also good for you – Pinotage has more anti-oxidants than in any other red wine.  Beyerskloof Pinotage Reserve 2007 is well balanced and complex, with perfumed berry and plum flavours, elegant tannins and well structured acidity. It is delicious now, but this wine can last in the bottle for at least another 8 to 10 years.”

Beyers Truter, Winemaker and Owner

Bellingham ‘The Bernard Series’ Bush Vine Pinotage 2009 NEW!
£14.99 or £11.99* when you buy any 2 bottles of South African wine

Niel Groenewald“The variety, treated with the right amount of respect and TLC can deliver some of the most outstanding wines from South Africa. Old vines, correct location and lots of winemaking experience can elevate this variety to compete with the best in the world. Only 30 year and older bush vines are used for this wine. Natural ferment with gentle ageing in French Oak barrels rounds the wine of too show the black fruit, Christmas cake, dark cherry flavours supported by a concentrated mouth filling elegant and fresh finish.”

Niel Groenewald, Winemaker

Kanonkop Pinotage 2008, Stellenbosch
£22.00 or £17.59* when you buy any 2 bottles of South African wine
Johan Krige

“Pinotage is South Africa’s own grape variety which planted on the right sites and soils, and vinified in the right way, makes wines of international class. Kanonkop Pinotage is arguably the bench mark of South African Pinotages. Classic in style with ripe red fruit flavours and soft, elegant grape and oak tannins.”

Johan Krige, Owner

*Prices are valid from 1 February 2011 to 2 May 2011

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