By Justin Apthorp, Majestic Wine Buying Director

Ruinart: The first house of Champagne

Maison Ruinart was the first established Champagne house, founded nearly 300 years ago. To this day it remains true to its original values – the pursuit of excellence and a spirit of innovation.

A heritage of excellence

Business-savvy Benedictine monk Dom Thierry Ruinart was one of the first men to spot the lucrative potential of Champagne. But it was his nephew Nicolas who finally realised his uncle’s ambitions and founded the House of Ruinart on 1 September 1729.

This rich history runs through every inch of the Maison. Ruinart’s ancient Gallo-Roman cellars are among the largest in Champagne. Classified a historic monument in 1931, these grand, 38m-deep caves provide a constant temperature and humidity levels ideal for fermenting and maturing this world-famous fizz.

Ruinart’s exclusive taste derives from the dominant role of Chardonnay in the blend. Generations of skilled winemakers have passed on the expertise to extract maximum vivacity and character from the grape. The result is exquisite finesse and purity, expressed through freshness, lightness, balance, aromatic complexity and incredible ageing potential.

Ruinart NV
£45.00 £30.00
Fresh white fruit aromas lead to a creamy palate with balanced acidity and a fine mousse. Elegant and subtle; one of the jewels in Champagne’s crown.

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs NV
£50.00 £40.00
Citrus, peach and white flower aromas evolve into a fresh and supple palate. The perfect way to spoil your guests this Christmas.

Ruinart Rosé NV
£50.00 £40.00
Sublime golden pink in colour with a subtle nose of cherry. Freshly-picked red berries lead to a fleshy, delightfully smooth finish. This rich history runs through every inch of the

Moët & Chandon: Pure glamour in a glass

Since 1743, Moët & Chandon has set out on a ceaseless mission to evolve the Champagne tradition. In the centuries that have followed, its celebratory sparklers have continued to seduce and delight the world over.

Quality, simplicity, progress

Moët & Chandon boasts the largest vineyard holdings in the Champagne region, but it’s the attention to detail shown by the Maison’s chefs de cave that has elevated its wines to such high levels. There is a boundless determination to reinvent and enrich that squeezes every drop of potential from every grape.

It is the pledge of the House to create unforgettable celebrations around the world every day. True to form, Moët’s style is lively
and generous, with a bright fruitiness, seductive palate and elegant maturity. Nowhere is this more evident than in the precise, harmonious Grand Vintage 2002 – the House’s first vintage to spend seven years on its lees since the 1930s.

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial NV
£37.00 £26.00

The embodiment of the House style. Crisp and clean, this classic shows citrus aromas and biscuity hints.

Moët & Chandon Rosé NV
£45.00 £35.00

Elegant and zesty with pink copper hues, lively expressive aromas and notes of wild strawberry.

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2002
£50.00 £38.00

Seven years in the cellars have left both sweet and dry toasty flavours with warm notes of grain, frangipane and toasted almonds, plus malt, mocha and light tobacco. Ripe fruits follow, including pear, candied citrus, plum, nectarine and white peach. Released in the full bloom of maturity, this is a true coming-of-age.

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