Guest Blog: Own your piece of the dream – vineyard sharing in Mendoza

Argentinian tasting week is in full swing in all 187 Majestic stores this week with a wide range of Malbecs and Torrontes open to try. But are you still looking to discover something a little different? How about making your own wines… in Mendoza!

I spotted this post by Tom Bruce-Gardyne from our friends at ‘The Real Argentina’ blog. Inspired? Read on…

“Had the Americans put the democrat John Kerry in the White House instead of re-electing George Bush in 2004, things might have been very different. How different is impossible to say, but it certainly changed the life of Michael Evans, one of Kerry’s campaign managers. Desperate for a break after the election defeat, Evans bought a return ticket from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires. “I came literally for a vacation and just expected to be here a couple of weeks.” Eight years on, he’s still there.”

The decision to stay was a gradual one as the weeks slipped into months following what was supposed to be a quick wine tour of Mendoza. “With every passing day I became more intrigued with Argentina, and just fell in love with the place.” Before going to Mendoza he had been given the name of Pablo Gimenez Riili, a member of an old wine family who could point him in the right direction. They arranged to meet for a coffee…”

Read the full article on the Real Argentina blog here.

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