Have you been on the Majestic mobile website?

Reading this on your mobile or tablet? We’re off to a good start…

My laptop is heading into retirement after a tough 4 years through university and a couple of years as my odd jobs internet browser at home post uni. Truth is I’ve hardly used it since university, my iPhone replaced most of the tasks: email, social networks, the odd flutter on the football, a quick google search for the best photo bomb ever… (sorry, I had to drop the photo in)! and now my new Google nexus 7 tablet has truly resigned my laptop to shelf life, upon which I am writing this article as I head south on the 12:08 southern line from Clapham junction to Nyetimber for a vineyard tour.

Say cheese! ((From left) Sarah Bourland, Natalie Zaysoff and Kendall Harlan had just been snorkelling in the Cayman Islands when this stingray leapt on their backs during a photo op

As everyone has quickly gone more mobile, so online websites have had to adapt to fit smaller screens. At Majestic we are no different, our website is a rich source of content and we want to make sure everybody gets the same amazing experience on mobile devices as they do when shopping on our full website.

We launched our mobile optimised site a little over 6 months ago now focusing on simplicity and ease of purchase while on the go, yet still retaining the extensive content on product pages.

This all happened around the same time we introduced our six bottle minimum purchase across online telephone and in store, making it a great time to add the mobile site to our offerings. The first mobile site purchase? 6 bottles of Taittinger. Cheers!

The site works by looking at our main website and reorganising all the bits and bobs for your screen. Clever stuff. This still works in conjunction with what I think is one of the best and unique Majestic services; free delivery from your local store.

Every order goes straight to a real person at your local Majestic who will be one of the team who fulfilling the delivery in their local delivery van. Connecting such a modern service as a mobile website, yet still being hyper local is a truly unique and connected experience.

PS. Our new blog is also optimised for mobile (but you already knew that if you answered yes to my introductory question)… Bookmark us or subscribe here.

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