Here comes the sun

Fingers, toes etc. crossed, but it looks like being a nice weekend and for the first time in ages I’m planning a quiet weekend at home. My wine rack is pretty empty so I’m planning to stock up tonight with a few summertime favourites.

Top of the list is G de Guiraud, the dry white wine from top Sauternes producer Château Guiraud. Perhaps it’s because I fell in love with the dry white 2007s, but white Bordeaux has had several good vintages in a row and is a big fave of mine at the moment. Despite white Bordeaux’s desparately unfashionable image, I urge you to try this wine – it’s got gorgeous, soft, peachy fruit, lovely fresh grapefruit acidity and subtle, expensive-tasting oak.

It’s the end of the month though and I’ll be looking for something a little easier on the wallet, and since I plan to raid the fishmongers I might go for a Muscadet. The Muscadet region has had a shocking time drecently – a mildew-affected 2007 vintage was followed by a horrible frost in April decimating this year’s likely crop. We’re not sure yet exactly what this means for pricing and availability but it can’t be good news. I’ll be enjoying Domaine de Tourmaline‘s delicious sur lie whilst I can.

(I realise re-reading this post that I have just put the Weaver curse on the weather for the next few days – apologies to everyone in the north London area.)

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