Here’s One We Tried Earlier

It’s no secret that one of my favourite things about working for Majestic is the interaction we have with our customers.

That a customer will accept your recommendation without a second thought is a real responsibility etched on a relationship forged through trust, honesty and, perhaps most importantly, a good track record.

It is an absolute pleasure to pick out the best wines in our range, that I know suit a customer’s taste, style and budget. Wandering round the store, pushing a trolley, pointing out new gems and essentially ‘personal shopping’ is a luxury that is not taken for granted.

Knowing customers by name, being able to correlate what they’ve enjoyed against the wanton desire for a new Majestic discovery and being trusted to mix a case for their nearest and dearest means that you’re always putting what you know about both the customer and your range, on the line and open to scrutiny.

Of course, it helps if you know what you’re talking about. Bluffing will get you nowhere, and it’s testament to the kind of company that Majestic is, that all store staff are put through their WSET exams, and encouraged to get as involved in the world of wine as they can.

It’s amazing to think that within the ranks of one company are two Vintner’s Cup winners, awarded to the top graduate of the WSET diploma, an Off Licence News Store Manager of the Year and a Young Wine Writer of the Year. Chances are, they probably delivered to your house once or twice.

The tasting counter is great for new discoveries, but there really isn’t room for our whole range on it. It falls to staff to know the whole range at the drop of a hat, and it’s a tougher job than you’d think.

Vintage variation, brand new products and even simple variances like changing from cork to screwcap mean that the wines need to be constantly reappraised and your knowledge brought bang up to date.

Tasting a lot wines is exciting, but knowing what it is about that wine that separates it from the one next to it is the key. It’s that kind of dedication to the job that make us trusted and endeared.

Beneath the banner of a hugely successful and well-liked company, are pretty normal people. Not customer service advisors, but people who know what wines you like and have a pretty good idea of ones that you’re going to like.

Call it a personal service, call it a professional relationship, call it what you like. Majestic staff are the keepers of the key, and can open the door to great new worlds of wine.

Come forth and discover.

My Wine of the Week

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Torre Aldea, Rioja Gran Reserva 2001£10.65 or £7.99 Buy any 2 Spanish still wines save 25%

It’s always the problem with Gran Reserva. Is it drinking well now or is going to have to be stuck away again because it’s just too brutal?

People often go off Rioja because having enjoyed Crianza, they opt for a Gran Reserva of the same vintage and feel like they’re chewing a tree.

Hear ye. If ever a wine encapsulated the idyll of ‘drinking well’ it is this wine.

It is smooth, it’s managed to retain gorgeous fruit and the formerly oppressive wood is now a delicate component of an overall masterpiece.

It’s a mature example of Spanish mastery, with careful blending to ensure the fullest of flavours. A hallmark of excellent Rioja.

Not insipid, not tired, this wine is indeed drinking very well now. So drink it. Now.

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  1. You want to keep an eye on your ‘possibly related posts -automatically generated’… I clicked on ‘Ronan Keating Father and Son Lyrics’ wondering what it could possibly have to do with you – and the answer was – nothing, but scantily clad pictures of women are not perhaps the way to advertise wine these days… or perhaps they are?!

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