“How do you know when a wine is….?” Majestic Wine Knowledge Videos

We’re covering all the bases on the Majestic Wine YouTube channel with a bunch of new Wine Knowledge Videos: Back to Basics.

At Majestic we love talking about all things wine. Whether it’s tasting through some of the many wines on our free tasting counters or debating the best food and wine match, we want to make sure your wine experience is the best it can be.

John and Hannah from Majestic Aylesbury and Majestic Macclesfield are stripping wine right back to give you snippets of essential Wine Knowledge.Facebook Poll

If you’ve got a question you’d like answered with a Majestic video, add it on our facebook poll. Psssst also click on your favourite video from the list!

You can also tweet me any suggestions @majesticwine (I always reply)! Or pop it in the comments box below.

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