How to…One-up the Wine Snob!

We all know one – the dreaded wine snob.

The wine snob may be a brother-in-law who won’t drink wine unless it’s from the most famous (translation: most expensive) wine regions in the world, or your boss who knows absolutely everything there is to know about every wine in the world (a sheer impossibility, we can assure you).

How to wow

We love uncovering wines from little-known producers – or finding a wine off the beaten track that’s something exceptional – and sharing them with you. Because these gems are often lesser-known, they’re a fraction of the cost of similar quality wines. Here are a few extra-special finds that we are sure will impress the wine snob in your life – and don’t be afraid to tell them what a steal they were! They’ll be wowed!

Merlot fanatics

For the wine snob in your life who loves luscious and luxurious Merlots – this a bit of a wild card.

Carménère was mistaken for Merlot for many, many years in Chile (or so the story goes!). Originally, the grape was brought over from Bordeaux by missionaries who went to Chile and brought the vines with them. Fast forward a few centuries and Chile is now recognised as Carménère ’s spiritual home and it’s almost solely produced in the South American country.

Our recommendation:

Bodega Volcanes Carménère 2015, Rapel Valley, 14% £11.99

Pinot Noir devotees

País, a native variety from Chile, is the perfect red wine for an Indian summer. A lighter style of red – it’s Chile’s answer to a light Pinot Noir or Beaujolais. Thought to have first arrived in Chile along with the Spanish in the 16th century, País was grown across the country. It fell out favour with the arrival of the thicker-skinned, more popular international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon. Recently however, small artisanal Chilean winemakers have embraced the indigenous variety.

Whilst rare to find it outside Chile, País is perfect for the transition from summer to autumn drinking. It’s a bright wine with vibrant cherry notes and is lighter in style than some of the heartier reds we’ll soon be indoors hibernating with for winter.

Our recommendation:

Morandé Reserva One to One País 2016, Maule Valley, 13% £8.99

Sancerre enthusiasts

Reuilly is a small appellation made up of just 150 hectares in the Loire Valley, close to the much more famous Sancerre region. Because Reuilly sits in the shadow of its more well-known (and more expensive) neighbour, you can grab this absolute stunner for considerably less.

Made in an identical style to classic Sancerre, this is a bone-dry and steely Sauvignon Blanc dominated by citrus fruit, herbal and cut grass notes. Even Sancerre aficionados would be hard pressed to spot the difference. The Beurdin family have been working the same land since 1935, when Alfred Beurdin first planted vines with just a horse and cart. Today, the domaine is run by Alfred’s grandson Jean-Louis, but the commitment to making exceptionally expressive, high-quality wines hasn’t changed.

Our recommendation:

Reuilly Henri Beurdin 2016, Reuilly, 13% £12.99

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