10 Inspirational Wine Quotes To Live By

Wine is a magic, delicious liquid.  Little surprise it has inspired amazing people throughout history! These are our favourite snippits of wine wisdom passed through the ages, from philosophers, authors, poets, actors, playwrights and scientists.

1.GalileoAstronomer, scientist, philosopher. And apparently, poet.

2.Keats-FrenchSounds like a perfect afternoon to me.

3.Margaret-FullerThe sun shines and grapes are the bounty.

4.Francis-Bacon-WineGrow old gracefully. Like wine.

5.Napoleon-ChambertinA glass of wine solves everything.

6.Shakespeare-Good-WineWine is a pleasure best shared with our friends.

7.PratchettWell, two out of three ain’t bad.

8.Paulo-CoelhoNever say no, try anything twice… and live life glass half full.

9.Plato-DinnerFood and wine, a combination proven through the ages.

10.Joan-CollinsCan I get an ‘Amen’?

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