Introducing Marlborough Ridge

If it weren’t for the heat and the snakes, the Giesen brothers Theo, Alex and Marcel, could well have settled in Australia. But after suffering in 40 degree temperatures and an incident involving a snake in a swimming pool, they decided that New Zealand was a more attractive option.

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The three brothers bought land in Burnham, just outside of Christchurch, and planted vines. At the time, it was the southern most vineyard in the world… and many people thought they were a little crazy.

A lot has changed since those early days, but even though they are now old hands at the business, the brothers are all still very involved.  The thrill of a new vintage never goes away.

We’re really excited to present Marlborough Ridge, from Giesen. This great-value Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is typically vibrant, citrussy and herbal, with kaffir lime and blackcurrant leaf notes against a backdrop of grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours.



You check out the wine online here!

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