Italian Diversity

Majestic CheltenhamIn the midst of Italian Tasting Week, Karen, Manager at Majestic Cheltenham, shares a brief insight into the eclectic mix of Italian wines

With more vines planted then any other European country this is definitely wine diversity heaven. Plantings stretch from the Alps in the extreme north right down to Sicily. It is hard, therefore, to make generalisations about Italian wine – the climates, soils, grape varieties and not forgetting the food of each region varies greatly.

Tuscan FarmI – Indigenous grape varieties abound! From the Nero D’avola and Fiano in Sicily to the Sangiovese and Cortese further north, there really is something for everyone.

TTuscany and its ‘SuperTuscan’ wines must get the most press, especially when you look at the calibre of some of the wines from this region. This is where you’ll find the French grape varieties of Merlot and Cabernet blended with indigenous Italian grapes such as Sangiovese. You can always try a ‘mini’ super Tuscans such as Dogojolo, not quite up to the Sassacaia price points or complexity, but maybe a more affordable introduction to the style! Not forgetting this is the home of Chianti as well!

A – All about Pinot Grigio, well obviously not…but this is still one of the most popular wine styles and of course grape varieties. These light, citrusy summer wines are perfect for supping with a salad! Try the Pinot Grigio Breganze.

Sassicaia 2007 Tenuta San GuidoL – Lasagne to Linguini, Italians do have some great food delicacies, and the wines are very food friendly. Most of the reds have a crisper acidity which makes them great partners to the tomato dominant sauces. If you want to know more about food and wine matching, why not come on one of our Free wine courses – run in every store!

Y – You can come and try a selection of our Italian range right now! In all our stores we have a featured Italian wine tasting week, it runs for another couple of days and is the perfect chance to taste the diverse wines Italy has to offer!

If you’d like to hear more about what Karen and the rest of her Majestic Cheltenham team is up to you can follow them on twitter@majesticchm or visit their store webpage

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