Jane MacQuitty of The Times on Majestic

An short but interesting article in The Times on Saturday, with some historical detail and a number of interesting wines. I joined Majestic in 1991, my first (and almost very short) retail role. The next week we were within 24 hours of being closed down, until the takeover by Wizard Wine that Ms MacQuitty mentions.

The white burgundy weekend discussed was a clear turning point, and really exemplifies what Majestic is all about. The wine itself (Labouré Roi White Burgundy) was genuinely good, and fantastic value at the bygone price of £2.99. However, the constant search for new and interesting lines continues.

For instance, what is now a well-known brand, Oyster Bay, was a Majestic find and heralded the start of the rapid rise of the characteristic whites from that country. Although it the significant sales of the branded wines pays our wages, it’s the more esoteric wines that we discover which continue to make life interesting. It’s much more fun for the staff to sell their favourite wines rather than the well known ones – they are usually very good value too so it’s a win-win for the customer.

Interesting wine of the moment: Soave du Lot 2007, Inama. Not cheap, at £19.99, and only available via our fine wine service, but it’s fascinating wine, all based on an intense minerally texture and compexity that unfolds throughout the evening.

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