Jane MacQuitty’s best red wines for under £5

Following on from our success in Jane MacQuitty’s ‘Best White Wines for Under £5’ on 6th March, Jane has also recommended 7 Majestic wines in her ’30 Best Red Wines for Under £5′ article in The Saturday Times on 13th March. She even voted the Domaine Tranquillité as the ‘best French’ wine, a great accolade for one of our new limited parcel wines.

Please note that stock availability of a couple of these wines is now low in some stores and so they may not all be listed on our website. Please contact your local store for availability in your area.

Here are Jane’s reviews of our wines:


2005 Domaine Tranquillité Vin de Pays d’Oc, Bernard Magrez, France

Jane’s Best French Red under £5

£7.99 or £4.99 each if you buy 2*

Wines from the Bernard Magrez Bordeaux-led stable do not come cheap, which is why this impressive, rich, velvety, plummy, whopping 14.5 per cent alcohol Midi red, made from the usual southern varieties and topped up with merlot and cabernet sauvignon, is such a steal.

2007 Château Mont Milan Corbières, Caves Rocbère, France

£5.99 or £4.99 each if you buy 2*

Once home to rustic, sunburnt reds, Corbières in the heart of the Midi now turns out some classy contemporary wines, and this bold, burly, herby yet fruity red, a typical grenache, syrah, mourvèdre mix topped up with carignan, is one of them.

2007 Murets de Gouts, Côtes du Marmandais, Cave du Marmandais, France

£5.99 or £4.99 each if you buy 2*

Head 70km (43 miles) southeast of Bordeaux and you come to wilder terrain with wilder grapes, including abouriou and malbec. The duo are behind this robust, earthy, heavy red that needs roasted red meats or steak and kidney pie to show it at its best.


2009 Estiba 1 Bonarda, Mendoza, Bodegas Esmeralda, Argentina

£6.99 or £4.99 each if you buy 2*

The bonarda grape was brought to Argentina by Italian immigrants and is now the second most widely planted grape after malbec. What you get here is lots of pleasant, burly, perfumed, inky, big food-suitable fruit.

2009 Esperanza Mendoza Malbec, Argentina


If you exclude Cahors, the malbec grape does not shine in France but it is Argentina’s strongest suit and produces some delicious, classy reds, even at this level. So tuck into this one’s sweet, scented, easy-swigging, curranty fruit.


2008 Zalze Pinotage Cape, South Africa

£6.65 or £4.99 each if you buy 2*

Time to eat my words: I was not smitten by the first Zalze wines I tried but none of you will object to this big, heavy, tannic, spicy 14 per cent alcohol, oak-aged bruiser, provided you serve it with the right food, such as a big T-bone steak.


2008 Yarra Hills Cabernet Sauvignon, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

£7.49 or £4.99 each if you buy 2*

The Yarra continues to be one of the Aussies’ finest, cool-climate wine regions, as anyone tasting this glorious cabernet will note. This terrific ripe, dusky, blackcurranty red, complete with a fine, creamy cassis finish, romped home here.

* All prices are valid until April 26th and are subject to our minimum purchase of 12 bottles (any mix of wines, champagnes or spirits) online or 6 bottles if purchasing in store.

3 thoughts on “Jane MacQuitty’s best red wines for under £5

  1. I agree with Jane and her description of the Bernard Magrez Vin de Pays d’Oc. Perhaps Majestic staff could warn customers that some of the bottles seem to have a lot of gunge (not strictly MW description!) in the bottom and need to be decantedor poured very gently.

  2. Jane is correct in her assessment – You will not find a higher quality red for this price anywhere. A really nice, mature, smooth above average wine at a below average price… truly a steal at £4.99. But as noted it benefits from decanting or just pour gently and mind out for the sediment at the bottom.

    Not to be missed and highly recommended.

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